While 'Arrow' has only aired two episodes to date, with this week's "Honor Thy Father" giving our first taste of new DC characters from Kelly Hu's China White, the best is yet to come.  Upcoming episode "Damaged" will have the dual honor of not only putting us face to face with 'Torchwood' star John Barrowman's mysterious "Well-Dressed Man," but also introduce 'Arrow's bad-ass version of DC villain Deathstroke!  There's new photos of both, and photos that also identify the mystery archer from the latest episode!

The CW's Green Arrow adaptation 'Arrow' has been going strong in its two episodes, but nothing compared to the buzz surrounding new characters to be introduced in the coming week.  We've gotten a hold of some shots from upcoming episode "Damaged," which unlock plenty of mysteries by introducing both Deathstroke and John Barrowman's mysterious billionaire!  Plus, who's that in the green hood?

Yes, spoilers be warned, but the mystery archer who shot Oliver Queen through the chest as he buried his father in this week's "Honor Thy Father" has been unmasked as Yao Fei (Byron Mann), a DC character not typically related to Green Arrow, but here re-purposed as a mentor figure that first teaches Oliver Queen to use the bow and arrow.  Elsewhere, we've got plenty of great looks at Deathstroke as he tortures Oliver and does battle with Yao Fei, while back in the present, Oliver stands trial!

What could Oliver be on trial for, and what about it might push Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) closer together?  And seriously, what's the deal with the Well-Dressed Man?  Check out the awesome new shots below, and give us your 'Arrow' theories on "Damaged," premiering November 7!


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