The past weeks of the CW's 'Arrow' have focused their attention on adapting DC comics teams from the likes of the "Suicide Squad" to the "Birds of Prey," but next week's "Deathstroke" will return to the matter at hand as Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) takes aim at the Queen family. Not only that, but the full set of photos from the hour confirm that Slade will face the Starling police, while Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau) returns to cause even further trouble!

While it remains to be seen what happens to Thea Queen (Willa Holland) in the wake of her car ride with Slade, the photos from "Deathstroke" see Slade in the custody of Starling police, while Oliver, Moira and Sara Lance attempt to get in words. One shot curiously sees Officer Lance being arrested, while later photos feature the return of Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev, seeming far less friendly than she and Oliver got earlier in the season with the Russia-set "Keep Your Enemies Closer."

Meanwhile, here's what The CW had to say of April 2 installment "Deathstroke":

OLIVER’S WORLD STARTS TO CRUMBLE — Slade (Manu Bennett) makes his move against Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the repercussions are enormous. While Oliver scrambles to protect his family, a key player in his team starts to question Oliver’s decisions. Meanwhile, Isabel (guest star Summer Glau) makes her move to take Queen Consolidated away from Oliver.

'Arrow' season 2 has yet to let us down, but what do you think? Will "Deathstroke" prove the height of Oliver Queen's second year, or will next Wednesday's installment only set up stronger stories to come? Check out the full set of photos below, and tell us what you want to see from the remaining episodes of 'Arrow' season 2 in the comments!