With at least a few months to go until the (presumed) July premiere of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, it's hard not to get lost in speculation over who might fill the void left by some of Walter White's greatest villains.  Sure there's hitman Mike, but might new casting reports suggest a few power players setting up shop in New Mexico?

Unlike that script leak for the season 5 premiere, genuine casting calls have emerged from the second and third episodes of 'Breaking Bad's forthcoming season, some of which might give us real clues as to the direction Walter White's life will take in the wake of the explosive 'Face Off."  So with Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) no longer a threat to his operation, will Walter white leave the meth game for good, or attempt to re-start business on his own?

The leaked casting sheets from 'Breaking Bad' season 5's as-yet-unnamed second episode (directed by Michelle MacLaren) brings in interestingly enough, a heavy Germanic presence, as characters apparently pay a visit to or interact with a German corporation!  Any one of the below roles could prove to be a menacing new foil for Walter and Jesse, but we're not placing heavy bets on the nanny.  See for yourself:

[HERR SCHULER] 60ish. Male. German. A large man with a hang-dog expression. He's a corporate executive, vacant eyed and miserable. He joylessly samples his company's food products. Think Bruno Ganz type. ALL DIALOGUE IN GERMAN. MUST SPEAK GERMAN. ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR

[HERR HERZOG] 50-70. Male. German. The distinguished CEO of a German corporation, he's well dressed, powerful and speaks perfect English with a German accent. The Steve Jobs of his company. He speaks softly and earnestly but knows how to handle any given situation. ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR

[CHIEF FOOD TECHNICIAN] 30-45. Male. German. The leader of a group of lab-coated techs, this German man is officious, enthusiastic about his job, an eager hard worker. ALL DIALOGUE IN GERMAN. MUST SPEAK FLUENT GERMAN. ONE DAY GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE GUEST STAR

[SECRETARY] 35-45. Female. A corporate secretary who is a model of tact. Must speak German. CO-STAR

[NANNY] 35 to 55. Female. A Mexican woman working as a nanny for a wealthy woman. She speaks in broken, accented English. CO-STAR / POSSIBLY RECURRING

What do we think?  Could Walter be looking for a new bank-roller, or even a factory premises with which to set up a new lab?  But if that weren't interesting enough, casting reports for the third episode indicate a more lengthy presence to characters it introduces, namely this enigmatic "Paul," and his handler "Ira."  Given the description, might they be mirror images of Walt and Jesse?  See for yourself:

[PAUL] 22-30, Male. Paul is a hard worker with a working class job. Not a genius but is above average intelligence. He is dependable, innocuous and non-threatening. However, he is not what he appears to be. RECURRING GUEST WITH POSSIBLE SERIES OPTION

[IRA] Late 50s-70, Male. A working-class guy who owns his own company (Paul's boss). He's a bit grizzled and world weary, but still capable of dealing with customers in a pleasant and reassuring manner. RECURRING GUEST

Paul's "possible series option" certainly seems to imply that the role might be an important one through the course of 'Breaking Bad's final 16 episodes, the first eight to air this year, and the final installments likely in 2013.  What do you think?  Could any of the above be Walter White's new nemesis, or is it all about the still-recuperating hitman Mike (Jonathan Banks)?

Give us your take on the casting calls,  and tell us how 'bad'-ly you're awaiting 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the comments!