Get out of the way, Disney princesses. Today's cosplay features an often-overlooked animated princess. Her name is Anastasia. Maybe you've heard of her?

Back in 1997, Fox Animation Studios got all up in the animated-princess business with their film 'Anastasia.' It's based on the true story of Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Russian Tsar Nicholas II and one of the many Romanov children who went missing during a revolution. It's long been thought that Anastasia and perhaps her siblings had survived when they escaped, and the animated film told a whimsical and beautiful tale of a young woman who discovers she is the long-lost Anastasia.

Today's cosplay comes courtesy of Russian photographer EnvyTheOne, who took these beautiful photos of cosplayer Seiren-hime as the lovely princess. The photos were taken in the Catherine palace, in the town of Tsarskoye Selo, which is just south of St. Petersburg, Russia. A real princess deserves a real castle to match! And the only thing just about as gorgeous as this cosplayer's immaculate costuming and styling is this castle -- because damn. It's insane.

Check out some pics of Seiren-hime as Anastasia below, then make sure to head over to her DeviantArt page for more. And don't forget to check out EnvyTheOne's page, either!

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