Cosplay of the Day: Deadpool, the Airbrushed Assassin

Atelier W Photography

Wanna know how to take your Deadpool cosplay to the next level? Check out this cosplayer's amazing airbrushed approach.

This is Sydney Spiderman (aka Wickedm6), a cosplayer from Sydney, Australia who has put together some pretty great costumes, including Spider-Man (of course), and some really great Robin and 'Ghostbusters' looks. Sydney pointed us to his gorgeous Deadpool cosplay on Facebook, and we're so glad he did.

Rather than going the straight and simple approach by just sewing up a red and black color-blocked suit, Sydney added some depth and dimension with fabulous airbrushing with the help of his friend Justin Costello, giving the cosplay a real comic book-style appearance. Sydney had a couple of photo shoots, at times featuring his friend Black Cat in one as a Lady Deadpool, which is super cute. Two Deadpools are definitely better than one, but we're not sure we could handle that much sass.

He also spent quite a bit of time putting together the sword harness and the appropriate weapons, taking extra care to replicate Deadpool's guns. The work paid off, as you can see below. If you want to see even more of Sydney's fantastic cosplay work, head over to his Facebook page.

Atelier W Photography
Atelier W Photography
E Photography
E Photography
E Photography
Wickedm6, Facebook

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