It seems like cosplayers are constantly trying to one-up each other in the 'Iron Man' department, and we're sorry guys, but this trio might have you all beat.

Wow. There are hardly any words to describe this amazing cosplay submission from a very skilled set of readers. First up is Gerhard Tenerife as Iron Man, aka Tony Stark. He's joined by Hans Mangiral as Iron Patriot and Aries Ariesgado as War Machine.

You may remember Donrobert, another 'Iron Man' cosplayer who hails from the Philippines and also does some pretty great cosplay work. Like Donrobert, Gerhard and his pals are also from the Philippines -- seems there's a huge 'Iron Man' fanbase there filled with lots of very crafty people.

Gerhard and Co. built their suits -- which are the most accurate we've ever seen -- from rubber sheets backed with fiberglass and their helmets are made from fiberglass masters. The War Machine costume has working gatling guns that actually spin, while Iron Man himself has a motorized helmet, wing flaps and lights.

These guys' costumes were so amazing that Marvel actually hired all three of them to help promote 'Iron Man 3' the week of its premiere in their home country. Check out some pics of the trio below:

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