Cosplay of the Day: This Iron Man Deserves the Gold

Marvel/Disney/Laura Airey

We just can't get enough of Iron Man and his armored adventures, so we've decided to feature the Mark VI suit from 'Iron Man 2' in today's Cosplay of the Day! You can never go wrong with a classic Iron Man suit.

Iron Man's Mark VI suit was crafted after Tony Stark built a more effective arc reactor that runs on vibranium, instead of palladium. The main aesthetic difference between this and the rest of the classic suits is that the emblem in the chest plate is triangular. What also makes this suit special is that it can allow Stark to function underwater and is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Thor's godly might.

Here is Anthony Le, a cosplayer and craftsman from Colorado who has taken to making about as many Iron Man suits as Tony Stark has. This Mark VI suit was built for a client using high-impact urethane. The most impressive part of the suit is that it was built free-handed and crafted from scratch. We wonder how long it would take him to build all of Stark's suits!

Check out his handiwork on his deviantART, or check out his personal website in order to commission your own suits.

Laura Airey
Laura Airey
Laura Airey
Laura Airey
Laura Airey

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