'Arrow' might only be four episodes deep into its inaugural season, but already a wealth of DC comics characters have made their presence known to The CW's incarnation of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).  Who's the latest, you might wonder?  Why, none other than the most off-setting big bad of all, DC's Count Vertigo!  Sort of.  The character will of course recieve his own 'Arrow' twist to fit into the CW's more grounded universe, so find out the changes inside!

Forget about Deadshot, the Royal Flush Gang, or even Deathstroke.  Per TVLine, we've learned that the biggest DC baddie Oliver Queen will face this year is that of comic character Count Vertigo!  No casting has yet been set for the character, but it's said that the villain will not go by his usual name, his trademark "vertigo effect" being a specific brand of drug that infiltrates Starling City.

Appearing in an early 2013 episode, “he will be truly scary and nightmarish,” says an inside source describing the character as “Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”  In the comics, Count Vertigo belonged the nation of Vlatava and maintained expert fight training with a "vertigo effect" that mysteriously robbed opponents of their coordination.

Elsewhere, the first season of The CW’s Green ‘Arrow’ already includes such DC characters as Deathstroke, The Royal Flush Gang, Firefly and The Huntress.  Tell us who you think should play 'Arrow's Vertigo in the comments!