The successfully Kickstarted game Wasteland 2 is nearing its release date and developer inXile has brought in some help with the distribution process. Deep Silver will be taking the reigns on distribution.

Deep Silver will be taking care of Wasteland 2's Kickstarter fulfillment, full distribution, and quality control when needed. Deep Silver is no stranger to a strong distribution program since they're also dealing with the Saint's Row IV release which is sure to be massive.

The best part of this partnership is that it leaves inXile to focus on the most important part of this whole endeavor. The game. From the looks of it Wasteland 2 is shaping up to be a properly good game and it is nice to know that the developers will not let anything come between them and putting serious time and polish into the final product.

More importantly though, Deep Silver has no creative control over Wasteland 2. They are in there only to help get copies out to all the anxious gamers. This is a good thing because too many hands in the pot makes for a messy and foul smelling stew.

Everyone wins. inXile gets to focus on their game. Deep Silver gets a cut of the money and distributes the game. And all of us get to sleep soundly knowing that Wasteland 2 will arrive safe and sound with all of its creativity intact.