The other day we brought you the teaser for 'Empire Uncut,' the follow-up to the Emmy-winning 'Star Wars Uncut,' the brainchild of designer and engineer Casey Pugh. Pugh is back with the support of Lucasfilm, and with hundreds of sequences submitted by 'Star Wars' fans to recreate the entirety of 'The Empire Strikes Back' in 15-second segments. And now you can watch the finished project in its fantastic entirety.

Pugh began the project in 2010, crowd-sourcing from fans to recreate the original 'Star Wars' film with almost 500 15-second sequences. The folks at Lucasfilm were such huge fans that they backed Pugh for the sequel, which drew more than 1,500 submissions this time around. Pugh picked the best of the best to recreate 'The Empire Strikes Back,' and the results are what you see above.

Ranging from live-action to hand-drawn animation, from video game recreations to doodles, and even a Ham Solo in a fridge, these submissions represent the vivid imaginations of fans and the way we perceive and interpret our favorite stories -- they're highly creative, amusing, and touching.

Along with the release of 'Empire Uncut,' Lucasfilm has announced the return of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. In the opening of the video, Lucasfilm’s Senior Events and Fan Relations Lead Mary Franklin expresses her gratitude to the fans before making the official announcement. The Fan Film Awards originally ran from 2002 to 2012, and just like last time, fans will be able to submit shorts in categories including comedy, non-fiction, and animation, with winners selected online by their peers. The winning shorts will screen at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event next April.

You can submit your short online between now and January 16, 2015.