FOX's 'Gotham' Brings New Bat-Details: Bruce Wayne Confirmed, Plus Villain Origins!

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The announcement of FOX's Batman-adjacent 'Gotham' TV series proved a mostly-welcome surprise, though few details beyond Commissioner Gordon's central role emerged at the time. That all changes today, as we know how and when Bruce Wayne will finally don his cape, and which major Batman villains will suit up over the course of the series!

While new details are emerging fast and furious from FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly's ongoing panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, potentially most pressing is the revelation that the network will largely bypass the traditional pilot season by ordering dramas straight to series. That doesn't yet mean that FOX's 'Gotham' has a full series order, as was initially reported, but the network has begun prepping for the series beyond the pilot all the same.

Elsewhere, Reilly revealed that the "Nolan-esque" 'Gotham' would take something of a 'Smallville' approach to its DC superhero origins, beginning its story with a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne, and ending the final episode of the series with Bruce finally donning his Batman cape. That said, 'Gotham' will also supplement its Jim Gordon focus with origin stories for famed Batman villains like the Riddler, the Penguin, the Joker and Catwoman, and potentially others.

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