There must be something in the water over on the 'Glee,' set, which seems to be in the midst of its oddest run of episodes yet, ranging from disco to Whoopi Goldberg, Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton and back again.  Now' they're super-sizing one of their episodes, and heading into a 'Fringe'-style parallel world?  What the what?

That's right, according to TVLine, the folks at 'Glee' have decided to double down for the evening of May 15, pushing episodes 20 and 21 of the third season together into a two-hour Glee-tacular!  Spectacu-Glee? any case, turning 'Glee's third run at Nationals into a two-hour event is hardly the weirdest fare of the evening.

According to leaked details from the night's first hour, preparations for Nationals will see Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) accidentally injuring her head, which has enough of an effect to cause her to experience an alternate reality of sorts!  Based on photos of the episode's filming, it would seem this parallel world switches around a number of the character personalities, putting Puck and Finn into the roles (or at least wardrobe styles) of Blaine and Kurt, with Tina herself adopting the persona of Rachel Berry.

It's likely that the shift will only unfold during the first hour, with the second chronicling the actual Nationals competition, previously mentioned to play host to the judging panel trio of Lindsay Lohan, Rex Lee, and gossip magnate Perez Hilton.

What do you think?  Is an alternate reality too trippy for 'Glee,' or are all bets off at this point?  What are you hoping to see from the final episodes of 'Glee's third season?  Sing out your take in the comments below!