Though many people probably want a 'Green Lantern 2' movie come to fruition, it's been widely presumed it at least wouldn't happen for a while. Ryan Reynolds, the star of the first film, is signed on to star in a reboot of 'Highlander;' not to mention the fact that 'Deadpool,' which is probably more of a priority than another 'Green Lantern,' is stuck on hold for the moment.

Still, there has been hopeful rumors about about a 'Green Lantern 2' script by Marc Guggenheim floating around, but is there any truth to them? Now that a 'Justice League' movie is coming at us in the next few years, will we see another Green Lantern-focused film?

Reports of a 'Green Lantern 2' were first sparked by Cosmic Book News, whose mole revealed the existence of a script following Hal Gordon and Sinestro. However, that rumor has recently been debunked... REALLY debunked. The folks over at emailed Guggenheim about 'Green Lantern 2,' to which he replied that rumors of a script were "absolute bulls---."

So does this mean we won't be getting a 'Green Lantern 2' at all? So far, that's what it's sounding like; even Ryan Reynolds has previously hinted that a sequel is unlikely due to the budget restrictions that accompany projects of this nature. But with Reynolds already preoccupied with gigs in 'Highlander,' 'Queen of the Night,' 'The Croods' and maybe even a 'Safe House 2,' it's unlikely he'd reprise his superhero role even for the upcoming 'Justice League' movie. Plus, does this mean that we're just as unlikely to see separate films for, say, other 'Justice League'-ers Wonder Woman and The Flash?

What do you think about this news? Do we need another Green Lantern movie before 'Justice League,' or was the first one to heinous to warrant more? Sound off in the comments below.