The production schedule and literary influence behind 'Hannibal' season 3 has produced a wide range of information over new character and story, with little casting thus to back it up. That all changes with the first major casting of 'Hannibal' season 3, as 'Batman v. Superman' and 'The Wolverine' star Tao Okamoto will take the important role of Hannibal's "Lady Murasaki."

Per Deadline, Okamoto will play the dark and mysterious Lady Murasaki, who "possesses an alluring and classical beauty with a dark secret." The literary incarnation of the character was featured in the novel 'Hannibal Rising' as wife to the titular character's uncle, thereby 'Hannibal''s "aunt," and educator in the ways of the Samurai (among other things, hint-hint).

That said, given Okamoto's age, and previous comments from showrunner Bryan Fuller suggesting that no one but Mads Mikkelsen should play the title character in flashback, we may yet be seeing the "literary remix" approach in action, muddying the NBC character's connection to Hannibal's origin. Also worth noting is that Fuller has long-suggested David Bowie for the role of Hannibal's uncle, Count Robert Lecter, no such casting has yet been revealed for the third season.

Elsewhere, we know of 'Hannibal' season 3 that Gillian Anderson has been upgraded to series regular as Dr. Bedelia du Maurier, last cryptically seen flying alongside Hannibal in the post-credits tag of season 2 finale bloodbath "Mizumono." The new season will pick up sometime later with the characters' new life on the lam, also incorporating such literary Thomas Harris figures as Mason Verger's living assistant Cordell, and 'Red Dragon' characters Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, and Francis Dolarhyde. Raul Esparza will (somewhat) surprisingly return to the role of Dr. Frederick Chilton, while Fuller suggested Eddie Izzard could return to the role of the late Dr. Abel Gideon as well.

What do you think? Will Tao Okamoto's Lady Murasaki have an original connection to NBC's 'Hannibal,' or somehow follow the classic literary origin? What characters would you like to see introduced when season 3 serves its first course in 2015?