Last night, we had a chance to preview Hasbro's upcoming 2014 toy line including the reveals of action figures for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2,' 'Captain America 2' and 'Transformers 4.' Below, we've got a first look at some of these brand new toys including some pretty interesting new characters.

There are a lot of new characters below (sadly, no look at what The Rhino will look like in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'), but before you get too excited, not all of these characters are movie-based. While you'll see some - like Spider-Man and Electro - that are obviously based on their designs from the movie, but others - like The Beetle or Mandroid - are specifically comic-based. Then, there are some, like Green Goblin, which isn't explicitly based on a movie design, but we wouldn't be surprised to see Green Goblin eventually look like this Ultimates version, instead of the old Willem Dafoe design.

Take a look at the new toys below and let us know what you think!

Kids and fans can collect their favorite 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' characters and comic-based 'Spider-Man' characters in this INFINITE SERIES LEGENDS assortment. These impressive six-inch scale figures feature unparalleled articulation and detailed sculpting and deco. Figures from Wave 1 of this line revealed at New York Comic-Con are as follows: ULTIMATE GREEN GOBLIN Build-A-Figure (comic-based), AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (movie-based), ELECTRO (movie-based), CARNAGE (swap, comic-based), BEETLE (swap, comic-based) and BLACK CAT (swap, comic-based) Collect all six figures to build the ULTIMATE GREEN GOBLIN Build-A-Figure. Three swap figures appear in the assortment. Each figure sold separately.

Amazing Spider-Man
Black Cat
Ultimate Green Goblin

Kids and fans can collect their favorite 'Captain America 2' characters and comic-based 'Captain America' characters in this INFINITE SERIES LEGENDS assortment. These impressive six-inch scale figures have extensive articulation and deco. Six figures in the line include Build-A-Figure pieces to collect and build the MANDROID Build-A-Figure. Figures revealed at New York Comic-Con from this line are: HYDRA SOLDIER and MANDROID Build-A-Figure, both inspired by Captain America comics. Seven figures in total to collect, with two additional swap figures. Each figure sold separately.

Winter Soldier
Hydra Soldier

The Leader Scale Optimus Prime figure from Hasbro is part of the Transformers brand’s popular Generations action figure line and is inspired by the upcoming 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' movie from Paramount Pictures. This impressive figure is the first to be revealed from the highly anticipate 2014 'Transformers' line. This extraordinary Optimus Prime figure features all new deco, converts from robot to vehicle and is styled in the character’s new look as he will appear in 'Transformers 4.' Additional features and accessories including an impressive new sword and shield let fans relive the action of the blockbuster movie series. The Leader Scale Optimus Prime figure will become available at major retailers beginning in May, 2014 in advance of 'Transformers 4' coming to theaters on June 27, 2014.

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime