You know, we get it.  'Homeland' is all about secrecy, and keeping things tightly under wraps from the right (or wrong) people but we're dying here without a first look!  We've even seen a new image from the upcoming season of 'Dexter,' set to debut along with 'Homeland's second season on Sunday, September 30, so whats the latest from the CIA?

Whoo, boy.  Much like the last Nicholas Brody-centric teaser for 'Homeland' season 2, the latest look from Carrie Matheson isn't giving us much to go on either.  Keeping the same generic backgrounds and ominous tone, Carrie reminds us of her plan of attack, saying "You wait, you lay low, then you come to life!"  Let's hope she even remembers her own advice when 'Homeland' season 2 picks up six months after the first finale "Marine One."

Oh well, at least they're not aping 'Batman Begins' this time.  Elsewhere, relatively little is known about 'Homeland' season 2, other than former ‘LOST’ and ‘Rome’ star Zuleikha Robinson will play a Middle Eastern field journalist with a special relationship to Abu Nazir (Navid Negahban) who delivers an ultimatum to Brody (Damian Lewis).

For those who were fans of Nazir’s appearances in the first season, Navi Negahban has been moved into a series regular position alongside Jamey Sheridan’s Vice President Walden. Season 2 of ‘Homeland’ will pickup some six months after the events of the previous season, highlighting Carrie’s recovery as well as the evolution of Brody’s position within the White House.

Check out the brand-new teaser below, and tell us your conspiracy theories on 'Homeland' season 2 in the comments!