Tonight's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother' episode "The Ashtray" Will dip into the past a bit as Kyle MacLachlan's "The Captain" returns with an unusual request for Ted, but it's next Monday's "Weekend at Barney's" that will really go retro. The episode will see Barney aiding Ted in picking up a new girl by borrowing a few pages from cinematic history, re-creating the look of 1989 classic 'Weekend at Bernie's!' And since we'll assume Barney isn't really dead, check out a sneak peek of "Weekend At Barney's" inside!

'How I Met Your Mother' has pulled off a few spot-on movie parodies before (last week's continued homage to 'The Departed' being a recent favorite), but never has the long-running CBS comedy been so spot-on as with next Monday's "Weekend at Barney's!" CBS has released new photos of the February 25 episode, which feature Neil Patrick Harris re-creating the titular dead man, with Jason Segel and Josh Radnor filling the roles of Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy.

It isn't known exactly why Barney, Ted and Marshall so painstakingly recreate the 1989 film's look, but presumably has something to do with Barney helping Ted secure a new girl with use of the (apparently surviving) Playbook! Of course, Ted looking for love once more likely means that he and Jeanette ('SNL's Abby Elliot) aren't long for this world, as we see the deranged character providing a likely source of the relationship going down in literal flames. And is that an engagement ring, we spied?

Will Robin discover that Barney hadn't really destroyed his playbook as promised? Will the 'Weekend at Bernie's' scheme succeed in bringing Ted a new girl? Check out the spot-on recreation from 'How I Met Your Mother's "Weekend at Barney's" below, and be sure to check out tonight's new episode "The Ashtray" as well!