New 'Jack the Giant Slayer' Posters Are -- Actually Kinda Cool

Warner Bros.

One would think that we'd be sick of all the 'Jack the Giant Slayer' posters spilling out of the Warner Bros. woodwork -- do we really need separate ones for each of the giants? But the final two (at least, let's hope they're the final two) are actually more visually stimulating than the previous ones. Check them out after the jump.

After seeing posters for each of the five giants, in addition to the initial one, and all the international and one-sheet options out there, we're finally down to 'Jack the Giant Slayer's' last two -- or so they say. Premiering on Yahoo Movies and IMP Awards, each feature our storybook hero, played by Nicholas Hoult, facing off against the towering beasts, while expansive landscapes can be seen in the background.

We'll get to travel deeper into Bryan Singer's imagining of the giants' world when the film hits theaters March 1. 'Jack the Giant Slayer' focuses on Nicholas Hoult's Jack, who unknowingly opens a gateway via abnormally large beanstalk to the universe of giants. Now these creatures have returned to Earth after a centuries-long wait and they're not leaving without a fight. If the posters are any indication, it looks like all that's blocking their path is lil' old Jack.

Check out the final 'Jack the Giant Slayer' posters below:

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
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