The world's collective love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt knows no bounds, even if we hold a silent grudge for not returning to 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation.' In addition to his upcoming directorial debut of 'Don Jon,' Levitt has been active in working with his artistic spotlight web project 'HitRECord,' which will soon come to TV as a variety series for new cable channel Pivot! Get the inside scoop on JoGoLev's 'HitRECord on TV' inside!

These days, there really isn't much actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt can't do, and even though his '3rd Rock from the Sun' days are behind him, Levitt will soon return to TV! The upcoming 'Don Jon' star has announced that his internet production hub 'HitRECord' will soon branch out into 'HitRECord on TV,' a new variety series for Pivot that allows artists of all kinds to showcase their work and collaborate with one another in an ever-evolving development cycle of production.

Levitt himself will oversee collaborations from the 'HitRECord' website as per usual, selecting works to be featured on the TV series and compensating artists for their contributions. "This is not a joke, this is not a marketing gimmick, this is an invitation," said Levitt of the endeavor. "I'm so excited to get to work with you, and I think we're gonna make a really great show."

You can check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt's official 'HitRECord on TV' announcement and explanation below, check out the website for yourself, and tell us what you think about Levitt's newest worldwide project in the comments!