Justified’ season 4 finishes what it started with its twelfth and penultimate episode of the year “Peace of Mind,” as Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) leads an expedition to retrieve Ellen May (Abby Miller) from Noble's Holler, while Boyd and the Detroit mafia men race against time to beat them to it.

Last week’s ‘Justified’ episode “Decoy” saw Raylan and the Marshals trying desperately to keep Drew Thompson (‘Supernatural‘s Jim Beaver) alive long enough to escape Harlan, while Boyd led Nicky Augustine (‘Glee‘s Mike O’Malley) and his men in the pursuit, so what will the penultimate episode of ‘Justified’ season 4 bring? Will the Detroit mafia finally crumble under Drew Thompson's testimony?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Justified’ season 4 episode 12 “Peace of Mind!”

Raylan discusses a possible promotion with Winona over the phone, as she covertly implies they’ll be having a girl. Walking into the office, the team applauds Raylan for his efforts in protecting Drew Thompson, but Art follows through on his promise to suspend him as well. Unfortunately for all of them, Drew refuses to give up any information on Theo Tonin before Ellen May has safely been retrieved from Noble’s Holler.

Over at the Holler, Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) assures Ellen may he intends to follow through on his promise to let her go, while Boyd and the others plot their next move. Turning to Ava, Boyd assures her that their priority should be her protection and safety, which will likely mean storming Noble’s Holler to retrieve Ellen May, lacking the $300,000 Limehouse wants to make the trade peacefully.

Flouting his suspension, Raylan presses Art to allow him to finish what he started and retrieve Ellen May, while elsewhere Johnny Crowder (David Meunier) arms himself to prepare for Boyd’s attack. Nicky explains that Johnny could still potentially help them salvage the situation if he convinces Limehouse to sell Ellen May to them instead, but Limehouse flatly refuses given the history between the pair. Wondering why Limehouse would refuse the offer, Johnny realizes the man likely already made a deal with Boyd.

While Boyd and his crew strategize their attack on the Holler, Nicky Augustine places a remorseful call to Boyd, offering to front the money for Ellen May’s return, as well as hand over Johnny. The group all meet in the bar to make the trade, Nicky offering his apologies to Ava in the process, as Boyd learns the Detroit mafia wants to leverage Ellen May for Drew's testimony. The deal in place, Ava insists that Limehouse would only trust her to make the exchange.

Back at the Holler, Raylan, Rachel and Tim question Limehouse on Ellen May’s whereabouts, though Limehouse claims to have no knowledge of her presence. Raylan pulls his group back and contacts the State Police to search every inch of the Holler, while Limehouse covertly meets with Ava inside his restaurant. Ava hands over the money, but Limehouse reveals that he already let Ellen May go, asking Ava if she’ll be able to live with herself after all she’d been doing of late.

On the road, Ava informs Boyd that Ellen May would either go to Cassie’s church or to Nicky Kush, as we see she indeed went to Nicky’s. Nicky warns her away in his usual paranoid manner, just as Boyd and the Detroit mafia men pull up. They search the house before a fully-armored Nicky Kush gets the drop on them at gunpoint, but Boyd easily dispatches the man by shooting his exposed foot.

Raylan and Rachel pay a visit to Boyd’s bar, finding Johnny tied up in the back with the Detroit thugs waiting. After exposing that Johnny helped the Marshals grab Drew, Raylan has Jimmy call Boyd, listening as Boyd accidentally reveals that Ellen May is most likely at Cassie St. Cyr's church.

Meanwhile at the church, Ellen May finally confesses Delroy’s murder to Cassie, believing that God liberated her from Limehouse for that very purpose, but Ava appears with a gun to finally finish what she started. Ava denounces Ellen May’s claims that she can find forgiveness and peace with God, but hesitates to shoot Ellen May as Colton appears on the scene as well. Boyd calls Colton ordering him to do what Ava couldn’t, but Colton too finds himself interrupted by the arrival of Tim. Admitting that he killed Tim’s friend Mark, Colton smokes a last cigarette before committing suicide by police, and falling over dead.

In the aftermath, Raylan takes Ellen May into custody, while Tim consoles a distraught Cassie St. Cyr. Elsewhere, Boyd and Ava worry about their remaining options, before Boyd suggests they take their last available course of action and eliminate Delroy’s body for good. Later at the office, Raylan watches as Ellen May is joyfully reunited with Drew for a few brief moments.

Back at Winona’s apartment, a mysterious man assembles a rocking chair that Raylan supposedly sent to her, as we see the delivery man is none other than Detroit mafia hit man Picker.

No 'Justified' fan likely expected "Peace of Mind" to live up to the thrilling excitement of last week's "Decoy," but tonight's episode should make for a fine palate cleanser in time for whatever the season finale has in store next week. Lingering threads such as Ellen May and Colton needed to tie up in order to create more personal stakes for Raylan at season's end, allowing enough room for Boyd and Ava to share the spotlight as well. "Peace of Mind" doesn't throw any major curveballs as the penultimate episode of the season, but still makes a welcome return to 'Justified's usual ebb and flow of character beats and witty dialogue. That said, we still hope 'Justified' season 4 can craft a strong finish now that the Drew Thompson story has somewhat conclusively wrapped.

What say you?  How did you feel about ‘Justified’ season 4′s penultimate episode “Peace of Mind?” Do you think Raylan will make it in time to save Winona from the Detroit mafia? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Justified’ episode recap of season 4 finale “Ghosts” on FX!