As crazy as it seemed toward the end of 'The Walking Dead's second season that AMC commercials would use the zombie-series as a basis for comparison of why people should watch 'Mad Men,' it seems to have sparked a few imaginations.  Really, haven't we all wanted to take a bite out of Christina Hendricks?

Haven't you always wanted to know what would happen if Rick Grimes, Hershel, Lori or Carl suddenly found themselves transported from the farm to a New York City ad agency in the 1960s?  Or perhaps just how handsome Don Draper would be as a zombie?  No?  Well, you're in luck either way!

Thanks to Barely Political, we have this inspired mash-up of 'Mad Men' and 'The Walking Dead' that pits all of viewers' frustrations with the AMC zombie series against the more slow-moving plot lines roaming the halls of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce.  The short answer is that Hershel still rambles on about the past, Rick still organizes search parties, and Lori's a ho-bag who has no idea where to find Carl.  But in the '60s!

Take a look for yourself in 'Walking Dead Mad Men' below, and tell us what you think in the comments!  Don't forget to watch new episodes of  'Mad Men' Sundays on AMC, with Season 3 of 'The Walking Dead' premiering this fall!