Very few details about the next new Mass Effect game have been revealed to this point, but BioWare has been dropping hints about what to expect from the new (potential) trilogy since the sequel was announced. BioWare Montreal studio director Yannick Roy has even been discussing the new entry with fans on Twitter.

While the plot and characters for the upcoming Mass Effect sequel are still under tight wraps, BioWare's Yannick Roy doesn't seem to have a problem talking about the general improvements coming to the next entry.

At first, this statement might seem a bit troubling given the way EA has turned some of its more exceptional high concept IPs into more generic games. In this case though, we're inclined to believe it will be accessible merely because it's a whole new entry, and you won't need to have played the first three games to understand what's happening.

This is good news to fans of the series, as the Mass Effect series has been rather good about allowing relationships of all races and genders to form naturally. It also helps many of the characters are so well defined and have tremendous characterization, giving players an even more realistic emotional connection.

With the power of the Frostbite 3.0 engine, BioWare should be able to do more with Mass Effect's presentation. Improved animations would certainly be nice, but we'd settle for destructible environments, too.

All-in-all, it sounds like the next Mass Effect is shaping up quite nicely. Now we just have to wait about another year until BioWare is ready to show it off.