'Parks and Recreation' Season 5: First Look at Lucy Lawless!

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Even after 'Parks and Recreation's' spectacular debut last night with season 5 premiere "Ms. Knope Goes To Washington," we still can't wait for some of the upcoming episodes. In addition to a guest turn from 'Breaking Bad' star Jonathan Banks, we'll also be privvy to a multi-episode arc from Xena herself, Lucy Lawless! But apart from a new love interest for Ron Swanson, who will the lovely lady Lucy Lawless play? Are you ready to see her in action?

Though she won't appear until 'Parks and Recreation' season 5's third episode, Entertainment Weekly has snagged the first look at 'Xena' and 'Spartacus' star Lucy Lawless upcoming guest turn as a romantic interest of the hyper-masculine Ron Swanson. Lawless will play middle school Vice Principal Diane Lewis, who takes advantage of Pawnee's newly-installed 3-1-1 line to have Ron Swanson come fix a pothole in her driveway.

“She’s tough, funny, and shops at Food and Stuff,” says the New Zealand actress of her role. “She’s the perfect woman.” That is of course until Ron meets her children, who are by no means ill-behaved, but rather dainty and princess-like compared to Ron's typical masculinity. Still, Lawless' Diane is no Tammy, as the actress explains, “this is his first mature relationship -- she doesn’t pervert his nature in any way. This is the sort of woman that you might want to see him with, and yet it’s going to be damn near impossible for him to stay in it.”

Interestingly, Lawless had been earlier pursued for the role of "Tammy 1," but was overseas filming and thus the role went to Patricia Clarkson.

Check out the photos of Lucy Lawless in 'Parks and Recreation' season 5 below, and tell us what you thought of last night's premiere in the comments!

NBC / Entertainment Weekly
NBC / Entertainment Weekly
NBC / Entertainment Weekly
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