The anniversary special well behind us, SNL Season 40 will draw to a close this coming weekend with Louis C.K. reclaiming the stage alongside Rihanna. The last few weeks have lost a bit of steam, but can the esteemed comedian bring us home? Find out with the first avenging promos of the SNL finale!

Paired with Kate McKinnon (hopes for another “Dyke & Fats” remain high), Louis C.K.’s brief spots of the SNL final inspire some hope, even as McKinnon jokes that the comedian’s latest turn will be his last. Another promo sees C.K. lagging behind Scarlett Johansson a few weeks in espousing his Age of Ultron excitement, even revealing his own heroic role within the Avengers sequel.

C.K. will be making his third turn on the SNL stage, having hosted previously with fun in 2012 (and nearly rained out by Hurricane Sandy), as well as in March 2014 with Sam Smith. Rihanna, meanwhile, will be making her fifth appearance on the series.

We aren’t expecting any major cast turnover with the finale, but will Louis C.K. bring the milestone 40th season to a strong close? Check out the promos above, and get ready for the final SNL until the fall!

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