Last week surfaced rumors suggesting we'll be seeing the return of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and the dreaded Emperor Palpatine in 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' An intriguing proposition; is it one you'd give the green light to?

Quick spoiler alert to non-'Star Wars' fans: both Obi-Wan and the Emperor died in the original trilogy. However, if you know the universe, you know that -- for Jedi, at least -- the destruction of your human body isn't all that bad. In fact, you can come back as a Force Ghost, as Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin did in the original films.

We've never seen a Sith lord return in that form in the films, but it would make for an intimidating return to the 'Star Wars' saga's greatest villain, the Emperor (played by Ian McDiarmid in the prequels and 'Return of the Jedi'). Surely, it wouldn't hurt to have a familiar (scary) face return to guide the new generation of the Galactic Empire.

So what do you think: do you want to see Obi-Wan and the Emperor involved with the next installment of 'Star Wars'? Vote in our poll below and let us know what you think!