Got a friend who's a StarCraft 2 fan but doesn't have access to the Heart of the Swarm expansion yet? Have no fear, since now you can play together without them having to spend any extra cash on a whole new expansion, provided that you already have the full version of the game.

The official StarCraft YouTube channel released the video shown above, which details the new Spawning feature.

Players who don't have the expansion, or are just playing the StarCraft 2 Starter Edition, can now access Heart of the Swarm content by being brought into the game of a player who does have it.

This kind of thing was possible back in the day of original Warcraft and StarCraft games, during which players could use the same disc to bring a friend into their match.

According to the video, spawned players can access all of the vs. A.I. modes, ranked and unranked team ladder matches, all custom game maps, and the complete arcade.

All you need to do is party up with someone who has the full game. It's as easy as that. Watch the video above and let us know if you'll be joining up with your friends in StarCraft 2.