'Supernatural' season 8 might be on a bit of an uneven streak -- with concept episodes like "Bitten" dividing viewers, or otherwise entertaining episodes like last night's "Southern Comfort" being bogged down with excessive flashbacks -- but the year will soon kick into high gear with next week's "A Little Slice of Kevin." Not only will Kevin Tran, Crowley and even Castiel return, but the episode will see the debut of several new important figures as well! So what does the latest look at next week's episode reveal?

For weeks now we've been hungry for "A Little Slice of Kevin," particularly given the episode will see Castiel's mysterious return from Purgatory, and a resumption of the "Word of God" storyline. The CW has released the first official clip from the episode, which sadly eschews our angelic friends, but centers on Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) out on the lam with his mother (Lauren Tom).

It seems all the hiding, hex bags and demonic symbols in the world won't be able to keep the pair hidden for long, as Crowley's intervention will no doubt bring the attention of Sam and Dean; but how does Castiel fit into the mix? Will the wayward angel return more damaged than before?

Check out the latest clip from next week's 'Supernatural' episode "A Little Slice of Kevin" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!