This past week's 'Supernatural' episode took the Winchesters in a decidedly different direction, going down the found-footage path for season 8 thriller 'Bitten.' This coming week's "Blood Brother" will see the series getting back to its main storyline of Dean's time in Purgatory and his new vampire friend Benny, but what of Kevin Tran or the angels? Good news, 'Supernatural' fans, because they'll all be back for the seventh episode "A Little Slice of Kevin," along with a previously thought-dead ally! So who's the big mystery guest?

Castiel returns! That's right, despite Dean's apparent certainty that Castiel (Misha Collins) met his maker end back in Purgatory, the wayward angel has been confirmed to return in upcoming season 8 episode "A Little Slice of Kevin." The same episode will also feature the return of Kevin Tran and his mother (Osric Chau and Lauren Tom), while introducing a new angelic figure in the form of Naomi (Amanda Tapping), as seen in the photos below.

It isn't quite clear what's going on in the various photos below, but from what we can tell Castiel seems to be back to his full strength, while he, Sam and Dean rescue the Trans from a factory. Also likely in play is a mysterious blue container Sam seems to be holding, and the Word of God tablet a bloodied Kevin can later be seen clutching.

So what do we think Amanda Tapping's mysterious Naomi wants from Castiel? And will everyone survive the hour? Check out the new photos from "A Little Slice of Kevin" below, and tune in for the latest 'Supernatural' Wednesdays on The CW!

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