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'Breaking Bad' Season 5 Gag Reel: Watch It Before It's Gone!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 18, 2013 @ 9:30 AM
Over the weekend the internet was privy to 'Breaking Bad''s greatest extra to date, placing Bryan Cranston back in his 'Malcolm in the Middle' persona as Hal alongside former co-star Jane Kaczmarek. Sony has since reclaimed the footage, but there's still the gag reel from the final eight episodes to watch!

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Alternate Ending: Heisenberg in the Middle!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 17, 2013 @ 12:39 AM
Sony Pictures
Well, we should have seen this coming. Following those long-ago rumors and photos of Bryan Cranston's former 'Malcolm in the Middle' co-star Jane Kaczmarek popping up on the 'Breaking Bad' set, we knew a cameo had to be in the works. That's right, it turns out 'Breaking Bad' was the prequel to 'Malcolm' all along, in a new 'Breaking Bad' alternate ending!

'How I Met Your Mother' Review: "Platonish"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 11, 2013 @ 8:35 PM
How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 recalls its ninth episode of the final year, “Platonish,” as Barney recounts how a helpful stranger (Cristin Milioti) convinced him to stop accepting challenges and make his ultimate play for Robin, while Ted pondered his own future with Robin following a job offer from Hammond Druthers (Bryan Cranston).
Last week’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ installment “The Lighthouse” saw the competition between Robin and Barney’s mother reach a fever pitch, while Ted attempted to take Cassie (‘True Blood”s Anna Camp) to a romantic view, and Marshall found himself burdened with Ted’s stepfather Clint, so how does the latest episode keep the final season rolling down the aisle?
Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9 episode 9, “Platonish!”

'How I Met Your Mother' Releases Rhyming "Bedtime Stories" Teaser, Plus Bryan Cranston's Return!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 6, 2013 @ 6:30 PM
'How I Met Your Mother''s ninth and final season took a surprising step in the right direction with most recent episode "The Lighthouse," but will the last year for Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney continue to improve in the weeks to come? All signs point to yes, as CBS releases a new teaser for the all-rhyming episode "Bedtime Stories," and footage of 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston's return next week!

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale: Bryan Cranston Weighs in on Dream Theory, Plus Read Final Script Pages!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 28, 2013 @ 5:11 PM
Though 'Breaking Bad' came to a close less than a month ago with series finale "Felina," we're still yearning for the days of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's wacky adventures in meth-making. To that end, series star Bryan Cranston has finally weighed in on the popular dream theory that pervades discussion of the finale, while the final script pages from "Felina" have made their way online to offer illumination as well

'Breaking Bad': Anthony Hopkins Binge Watches Series, Writes Fan Letter to Bryan Cranston

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 14, 2013 @ 1:53 PM
AMC / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
The 'Breaking Bad' series finale still has us all talking, but what are our words against the mighty voice of Odin, when Anthony Hopkins himself binge watches the entire series in two weeks and writes a letter to Bryan Cranston expressing his fanboy adoration? Sit these two down for some liver, beans and chianti, with a nice crystal blue chaser, stat!

'Breaking Bad' Finale Wrap-Up: Cast and Creator Talk Alternate Endings, John Wayne Inspiration and Character Futures

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 30, 2013 @ 12:15 PM
And so, it has come to pass that 'Breaking Bad' aired its series finale "Felina," putting a conclusive cap on the tale of Walter White that wrapped things up in a surprisingly clean manner. Given the chaotic nature of the series however, creator Vince Gilligan, as well as stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had plenty to say about the roads not traveled by the 'Breaking Bad' series finale, as well as insight into unexplained character moments, inspirations, and the likely futures of those left standing.

'Breaking Bad' Series Finale Review: "Felina"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 29, 2013 @ 10:12 PM
Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its eighth and final episode of the season and series, “Felina,” as Walter returns to New Mexico to make things right with Skyler, Jesse, Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, Lydia, Todd, Jack and his men, before finally ending the journey where it all began.
Last week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ episode, “Granite State,” saw Walter settling into his new isolated existence in New Hampshire, while Jesse’s desperate attempts to escape captivity had deadly consequences for Brock and Andrea, so how does “Felina” finally close out the series? Now that Walter has made his final stand, how does it all end for ‘Breaking Bad’?
Read on for your in-depth recap and review of everything you need to know about ‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 episode 16, series finale “Felina”!

You Can Own Bryan Cranston's Walter White Mask From Comic-Con!

by Mike Sampson September 26, 2013 @ 12:20 PM
It was one of the funniest stories to come out of Comic-Con: 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston commissioned a latex mask of his own face so he could walk around the convention floor as Walter White. And now, if you're looking for perhaps the greatest Halloween costume ever, you can own that very same mask, autographed by Cranston himself!

'How I Met Your Mother' Final Season: 'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston to Return!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 25, 2013 @ 1:45 PM
Before Bryan Cranston became so commonly identified as Walter White of 'Breaking Bad' or even Hal of 'Malcolm in the Middle,' you could find the actor somewhere across almost any TV series of the last 20 years. Case and point, Cranston's two-episode 'How I Met Your Mother' stint as Ted's boss Hammond Druthers, now announced to be returning for the ninth and final season!