Doctor Who

Report: ‘Doctor Who’ Not Casting New Companion Just Yet
Doctor Who fans are certainly used to a bit of turnover amongst the cast, the latest of which will see Jenna Coleman’s Clara exiting the series before Season 9’s end. That departure will presumably arrive in the next few weeks (if not immediately sooner) while Steven Moffat claims the …
‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Could Feature ‘Doctor Who’
One of the most impressive feats The LEGO Movie pulled off was the inclusion of so many characters from different franchises, like DC and Star Wars. Where else are you going to see Batman hanging out with Han Solo? It looks like the sequel may bring another fan favorite franchise on board, as The LE…
No, Peter Capaldi is Not Leaving ‘Doctor Who’ … Yet
Doctor Who fans are notoriously good at sniffing out potential exits of its many stars over the years, as we most recently saw with Jenna Coleman’s Clara, but there’s no need to raise alarms over Peter Capaldi just yet. Despite a few rumors, Steven Moffat confirms that Peter Capaldi wi…
‘Doctor Who’ YA Spinoff ‘Class’ Ordered For 2016
Now that Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman has confirmed her exit after the current ninth season, talk naturally turns to the future of the series, and franchise at large. That talk now turns to spinoff, as The BBC has confirmed a new young adult Doctor Who series titled Class to arrive in 2016.

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