The latest 'Godzilla' is a reboot of the classic monster movie, which sees the iconic reptilian beast arise from the ocean and lay waste to humanity. But he's not the only gargantuan creature we'll be seeing in this flick. Godzilla will do battle against multiple other monsters as the people caught in their path struggle to survive.

  • Release Date: May 16, 2014
  • Director: Gareth Edwards
  • Written By: Max Borenstein & Frank Darabont


‘Godzilla’ Unleashes a Destructive New Poster for Comic-Con
There's no question, the biggest star at Comic-Con 2013 will be 'Godzilla.' Say what you will for Harrison Ford or Hugh Jackman, they can't knock over buildings with a whip of their tail. And Warner Brothers and Legendary want to make as big an impression at the fest as Godzilla&…
Comic-Con 2013: Is ‘Godzilla’ Planning for a Big Reveal?
Last year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego saw the big reveal of Godzilla's return in Legendary Pictures' upcoming reboot, along with the first teaser poster, concepts and the iconic (and trademarked) monster scream. Now it looks like the studio is planning to reveal something big …
‘Godzilla’ Rounds Out the Cast With Sally Hawkins
It looks like 'Godzilla' is turning out to be a lot bigger than we though -- casting wise we mean. While the Gareth Edwards-helmed remake recently began production in Vancouver, one last casting addition has been made to the lead group going up against the beast.
Comic-Con 2013: 11 Movies We Hope to See in Hall H This Year
Comic-Con 2013 is approaching quicker than you think, and with every year comes a batch of geeky properties ready to present footage to a crowded hall of adoring fans. Last year gave us peeks at 'Iron Man 3,' 'Pacific Rim,' and 'Godzilla,' but what are we hoping to see …

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