Jamie Chung

FOX ‘X-Men’ Drama Gets an ‘Originals’ Star, ‘Gifted’ Title

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 10, 2017 @ 9:20 PM
20th Century Fox / The CW
Far and away, our most rabid curiosity toward FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama hasn’t been with casting, but the dang title. At long last, we may have been Gifted an official name by a photo of the first table read, along with an Originals star.

FOX ‘X-Men’ TV Series Pilot Casts Jamie Chung as Blink

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 22, 2017 @ 11:30 AM
20th Century Fox
FOX’s Bryan Singer-directed X-Men drama doesn’t have a name, or even many confirmed characters, at least until now. Recent Gotham alum Jamie Chung will suit up as Marvel’s Blink, who Singer had previously showcased in Days of Future Past.

Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel Series Sets New and Returning Cast

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 3, 2016 @ 12:27 PM
Disney XD
It still remains to be seen if Disney and Marvel’s Big Hero 6 will ever get a second life in theaters, but the upcoming 2017 animated continuation is no slouch when it comes to casting. Not only will stars like Maya Rudolph and Scott Adsit return, so too will Sherlock and The Walking Dead stars join the mix.

Bruce Tempts the Court of Owls in First ‘Gotham’ Season 3 Clips

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 16, 2016 @ 11:31 AM
The Court of Owls have yet to make it into any live-action incarnation of Batman, so will Gotham Season 3 do the group justice, or at least bring them to it? Get a taste in the first clips and photos from Monday’s premiere, along with an introduction for Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale.

‘Gotham’ S3 Set Photos Reveal First Look at Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 6, 2016 @ 4:50 PM
Now that confusion over Jamie Chung’s Gotham Season 3 role has passed beyond the Vale, we’re getting a first look at Vicki’s aunt palling around with Jim Gordon. See Ben McKenzie and the future Valerie Vale as Gotham Season 3 shoots on the streets of NYC!

‘Gotham’ Season 3 Adds Jamie Chung With a Vicki Vale Twist

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 20, 2016 @ 10:40 PM
Gotham has been curiously opaque with its Season 3 casting of Bat-reporter Vicki Vale, first describing the character as “Valerie,” where now it seems the truth was somewhere in the middle. Once Upon a Time alum Jamie Chung has landed the Gotham Season 3 role, but with one significant twist on the Vicki Vale we know.

'Big Hero 6' First Look: Disney Officially Reveals the Cast for Its Animated Marvel Movie

by Nick Romano July 14, 2014 @ 8:54 AM
At long last, it's time to meet the cast of Disney's first animated Marvel movie, 'Big Hero 6,' and see these new characters come to life in six new images. Where previously we saw some unapproved posters for this new crop of unlikely superheroes (since taken down from the web), the cast is now here in beautiful hi-res and ready to kick some San Fransokyo butt!

'Big Hero 6' First Look: Disney's Animated Marvel Team Rolls Out in Six New Posters

by Nick Romano June 30, 2014 @ 10:00 AM
The idea behind 'Big Hero 6,' Walt Disney's first animated Marvel movie since they acquired the home of The Avengers, is an exciting prospect, one that we've been tracking for some time. While the full cast is still to be announced, today brings our first look at this new team of superheroes through unofficial movie posters.

Reel Women: Sex-Trafficking Thriller 'Eden' Handles its Obvious Themes Skillfully

by Britt Hayes March 22, 2013 @ 5:30 PM
Phase 4 Films
'Eden' hits theaters this week, and it's the kind of allegorical thriller that manages to hit all the familiar notes, but it does so beautifully. Jamie Chung stars as the titular heroine, a woman kidnapped and forced into sex slavery, and though the film takes place in the 90s, 'Eden' reminds us that its themes (sadly) remain relevant today.