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'Breaking Bad' Final Episodes: "Ozymandias" To Return Major Past Characters?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 10, 2013 @ 10:18 AM
Only three episodes remain in all of 'Breaking Bad' and while the show's final hours have grown so tense and action-packed that the latest preview for next week's episode "Ozymandias" didn't release a shred of new footage, outdoing even 'Mad Men''s notoriously spoiler-tight promos. A new rumor has emerged however, that suggests 'Breaking Bad's greatest characters will return Sunday night, in the spoiler to end all spoilers!

NBC Pilots From Craig Robinson and Krysten Ritter Still Alive With Extended Options

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 1, 2013 @ 1:03 PM
NBC / Amy Graves, Getty Images
Though the most recent pilot season gave us plenty to work with in the future, we were disappointed to learn that Craig Robinson's post-'Office' vehicle had failed to earn a pickup, as well as Krysten Ritter's 'Assistance.' Now, NBC has issued new hope that either drama could remain alive for a potential pickup down the line.

'Veronica Mars' Movie Adds Krysten Ritter and Ryan Hansen to Returning Guest Stars

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 15, 2013 @ 12:43 AM
Warner Bros. / Jason Merritt-Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images
Just the other day 'Veronica Mars' announced the news that Tina Majorino's Mac would return for the upcoming Kickstarter movie, and now the fan-funded feature film has added two more returning favorites. 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' star Krysten Ritter will reprise her character Gia Goodman, while 'Party Down' favorite Ryan Hansen will be back as Dick Casablancas, and we have the dance number to prove it!

'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23': Unaired Episodes Online!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 17, 2013 @ 3:15 PM
Despite the fact that ABC viewers had plenty more to mourn by the recent cancellation of 'Happy Endings,' the sadness truly first began when the show's frequent timeslot partner 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' fell to the cancellation axe some months prior. Yet even with 'Apartment 23' firmer in the ground than 'Happy Endings,' guess which has eight new episodes you can watch right now?

'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23's' Remaining Episodes to Air in the Summer?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 22, 2013 @ 11:00 AM
Though it seemed like ABC had been intent on moving around struggling comedies 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' and 'Happy Endings' with the intent of finding new audiences, many a fan found themselves disappointed that ABC ultimately pulled the plug on 'Apartment 23,' while banishing 'Happy Endings' to Friday for the moment. Now, 'Don't Trust the B's' Krysten Ritter believes ABC will in fact air the remaining eight episodes of the series, so find out when you can see the finale inside!

'Don't Trust The B's Krysten Ritter Rebounds With NBC Pilot 'Assistance'

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 15, 2013 @ 9:00 PM
Amy Graves, Getty Images
No one was exactly surprised to hear that 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' had been pulled from the ABC schedule, effectively cancelling the series, but the timing of the show's removal may yet have produced a bit of good luck. Series lead Krysten Ritter has reportedly landed the lead role in forthcoming NBC pilot 'Assistance,' to be executive produced by FunnyOrDie founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, but will Ritter have better luck this time around? Get the latest on 'Assistance' inside!

Krysten Ritter Goes Topless Again For 'Don't Trust The B' Season 2, Plus Premiere Clip

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 16, 2012 @ 5:08 PM
There are many ways to get people into the right shows.  For some, all it takes is an alluring billboard, or rave reviews on the internet, or perhaps even word of mouth.  But with ABC's 'Don't Trust the B- In Apartment 23' season 2 about to begin, what better way to get people interested than with Krysten Ritter topless...again?

'Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23' Put Krysten Ritter in A Whipped Cream Bikini, Need We Say More?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 4, 2012 @ 5:30 PM
Granted that it's somewhat late on a Thursday afternoon, there isn't a whole lot going on in the TV news sphere (well, minus that awesome 'True Blood' casting and 'American Horror Story: Asylum' trailer), so we thought we'd take a minute to talk to you about an issue near and dear to our own hearts: whipped cream bikinis.  First popularized by Ali Larter in the 1999 James Van Der Beek classic 'Varsity Blues,' whipped cream bikinis have long represented the perfect hybrid of dairy lovers, and skimpy fashion enthusiasts.
So you can bet that when ABC puts Krysten Ritter into one for the second seson of 'Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23,' they've got our attention.

'Vamps' Trailer: Dont Trust The Bloodsuckers In Apartment 23

by Sean O'Connell September 24, 2012 @ 6:00 PM
Anchor Bay
Alicia Silverstone reuniting with her ‘Clueless’ director, Amy Heckerling, for a cheeky vampire comedy should be generating a fair amount of buzz. Perhaps now that the first official trailer for ‘Vamps’ has arrived online, people will begin talking the film up and anticipating its inevitable release?