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‘Mad Men’ Season Finale Review: “In Care Of”
‘Mad Men’ season 6 pitches its 13th and final episode of the season, “In Care Of,” as Don debates moving to California when the opportunity presents, while Ted and Peggy finally confront their relationship, and Pete receives shocking news about his mother.
Last week’s ‘Mad Men’ episode, “The Quality …
‘Mad Men’ Review: “The Quality of Mercy”
‘Mad Men’ season 6 pitches its 12th and penultimate episode of the season, “The Quality of Mercy,” as Don causes an awkward situation for Ted and Peggy at work, while Pete finally uncovers the mystery behind Bob Benson, and Sally spends an experimental night at a boarding school in avoidance of her …
‘Mad Men’ Review: “Favors”
‘Mad Men’ season 6 pitches its 11th episode of the season, “Favors,” as Don looks to find Sylvia's son, Mitchell, a means to avoid the draft, while Sally discovers a shocking secret and Pete grows wary of his mother's relationship with her new nurse.
Last week’s ‘Mad Men’ episode, “A Tale of Two Citi…
The 15 Most Memorable TV Deaths
Let's take a journey back in time and look at some of the most memorable character deaths in TV history. Here are the moments that shocked us, disgusted us and broke our hearts into a thousand little pieces.
‘Mad Men’ Review: “A Tale of Two Cities”
‘Mad Men’ season 6 pitches its 10th episode of the season, “A Tale of Two Cities,” as Don and Roger share a unique California experience in pitching a new client, while Joan attempts to land an Avon account without Pete or Peggy's interference.
Last week’s ‘Mad Men’ episode, “The Better Half,” saw Do…

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