‘Sinister 2′ Has Already Begun
With the phenomenal success of 'Paranormal Activity' and its sequels, other studios took to copying the formula of making micro-budgeted horror movies, which is partly why we got 'Sinister.' Done for $3 million, it has made over $87 million worldwide, and so it's no surprise…
‘Deus Ex’ Movie to Be Helmed by ‘Sinister’ Director
Are you ready to find out which video game will be next to get the movie adaptation treatment? Well, look no further than the beloved 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution,' which will be translated to the big screen with the help of the man who helmed 'Sinister,' Scott Derrickson.
‘Sinister’ Review
Ethan Hawke's Ellison Oswald may have the coolest name of a film character this year, but he's having a streak of professional bad luck. His first true crime book, 'Kentucky Blood,' was a best seller than accomplished what the police couldn't do in tracking down a murderer at large. That was years a…
New Movie Releases — October 2012
October is upon us, which means we've got some delightfully scary movies hitting theaters, but it also means we're approaching awards season. So there's some serious contenders getting releases as well, like Ben Affleck's 'Argo' and the Wachowski's 'Cloud Atla…

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