Those more familiar with Takashi Miike's oeuvre will be thrilled to know the director is returning to horror with an adaptation of 'Aku No Kyoten,' AKA 'Lesson of the Evil.'

According to The Playlist, 'Lesson of the Evil' tells the tale of a teacher who takes punishment into his own hands when he becomes annoyed with his bullying, no-good students. The teacher will be played by Hideaki Ito, who previously worked with Miike on 'Sukiyaki Western Django.'

Miike's film resume is a diverse one, ranging from horror to children's films, and low budget to high brow, culminating with last year's epic '13 Assassins.' The director has also been working on an adaptation of the popular video game 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.' But some of his best work has often resided in his horror films, namely 'Audition' and 'Ichi the Killer,' another graphic novel adaptation.

Miike is readying the film for an August premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, followed by a November release in his home country of Japan. This seems like the perfect window for a possible US premiere at Austin's own Fantastic Fest in September (hint, hint).