Phew! Just when we thought 'The Newsroom' season 2's promotional campaign had started to make sense with the release of the first official trailer, the Aaron Sorkin-scripted HBO drama has returned to the desert of its first teaser for an equally baffling approach to the new season premiering July 14. The full set of moody promotional posters has arrived, but the question remains: do they stand alone together? Or something?

Our gut says maybe. In addition to a full cast poster from The Huffington Post (made even moodier with monochrome, yay!) HBO has released eight new black and white character posters for the upcoming second season, each featuring a member of the News Night staff with their own quote from the latest episodes. Are there papers blowing artfully amidst the monochrome poses, you ask? Oh yes. Even the wind walks and talks in Aaron Sorkin's desert.

The second season features appearances by ‘Justified‘ star Patton Oswalt as the fictional networks new vice president of human resources, Marcia Gay Harden as litigator Rebecca Halliday and Meryl Streep’s daughter Grace Gummer as a reporter embedded within the Mitt Romney campaign, to which Jim has since relocated. We know that much of season 2 will focus on the 2012 elections, but Sorkin added events such as Trayvon Martin, the Affordable Care Act, drones, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Muammar Gaddafi.

Check out the full lineup of 'Newsroom' season 2 posters below, and leave us your thoughts in the desert comments!