'The Walking Dead' "Arrow on the Doorpost" Preview Photos: Is The Governor Preparing a Trap?


'The Walking Dead' comics held a brutal confrontation between Rick's group, and the Governor's forces, but is there any chance AMC's battle between the two will have a less tragic outcome? New photos from next Sunday's 'The Walking Dead' episode "Arrow on the Doorpost" suggest that the Governor will finally meet Rick face-to-face to discuss a solution, but will the sinister one-eyed villain already have a trap in place? Check out the latest photos inside!

Given their last two skirmishes, we don't have high hopes that 'The Walking Dead' season 3 will have a happy ending in store for Woodbury and the prison group's next meeting. Before the final battle however, both sides will get the opportunity to talk things out face-to-face, as Rick finally meets his nemesis the Governor! Might Andrea have returned to the prison to set things up?

Judging by the clips we've seen and new photos from TVLine however, even just getting to the meeting will prove a struggle as Daryl is forced to take out some errant walkers that, given the Governor's previous strategies, could very well be a trap. Will Rick and Daryl come out of their latest meeting with the Governor unscathed, or are there even darker times ahead for the prison group?

Check out the latest photos from 'The Walking Dead's next episode "Arrow on the Doorpost" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!

AMC / TVLine
AMC / TVLine
AMC / TVLine
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