Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead' season 5 installment "Self Help" took yet another diversion to show us what shenanigans Abraham and Eugene got up to on the road, but next week's "Consumed" will fill in the gaps between Daryl and Carol's "Strangers" flight and Beth's "Slabtown" encounter. Find out what happened in the meantime with our first official clip from next Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead,' "Consumed!"

Relieved as we are to see Daryl and Carol back in action together, we have to worry about their fate by the first clip of next Sunday's 6th season 5 episode. Sure, Daryl's decision to blot out the headlights makes it easier to follow the mysterious car with a cross in its rear window, but how well will the vehicle handle oncoming walkers on the way to Atlanta?

As if that weren't had enough, so reads AMC's official summary of "Consumed":

Stakes are high when members of the group must go on a rescue mission in a familiar location.

Okay then! By that descriptive tale, we'll go on to presume that Daryl and Carol ride unicorns into the "Slabtown" walls, and show Dawn and her people what-for. Rick grows a third arm, and Eugene remembers his sleeper science training on the road to D.C.! All will be well, hugs and puppies abound. If you don't believe us, watch 'The Walking Dead''s official "Consumed" clip above, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from the final 3 episodes of 2014!