'The Walking Dead' "Inmates" Preview: Which Survivors Will Reunite Next?


AMC brought all our hopes and dreams to life with 'The Walking Dead' season 4's return this past Sunday, but what happens "After" Rick, Carl and Michonne were reunited? Check out what prison survivors we'll next catch up with when this coming Sunday's all-new installment "Inmates" shambles out, with a brand new clip and photos of the hour to preview!

As we saw in the previous clip, Beth and Daryl will next grab the spotlight in the aftermath of the Governor's assault on the prison, while AMC's preview of the episode also showcased Tyreese, Sasha, Maggie and Glenn. The second clip from Sunday's 'Talking Dead' also puts Daryl and Beth out on the search for other survivors, while AMC photos from the hour seem to show Maggie making a shocking discovery.

So reads AMC's always-descriptive synopsis of the next installment, "Inmates":

The group encounters many obstacles in their quest to find stability and safety, but sometimes all they have to guide them is hope

Lest we forget, Entertainment Weekly also released several season 4 photos of the back eight episodes, some of which belong to "Inmates," though few offer any insight into what we'll be seeing. For one, it seems as if Glenn remains in the bombed-out prison, but didn't we last see him aboard the bus that drove off? What other secrets might "Inmates" have in store for 'The Walking Dead?'

Preview this Sunday's latest episode in the clips and photos below, and give us your predictions for the back half of 'The Walking Dead' season 4 in the comments!


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