And to think, we wondered just how 'The Walking Dead' could get more intense after the various deaths that permeated the shocking "Killer Within," not realizing how "Say the Word" would do anything but. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) only spoke a solitary word during last night's episode, otherwise consumed with a grief and fury that saw zombie guts splattered throughout the entire prison. Has Rick's madness abated by next week's "Hounded," or is he gone for good? What does the latest clip from next week reveal?

Lori and T-Dog might be gone for good, but it's Rick Grimes who doesn't seem to be all there anymore. The 'Walking Dead' leader went on a gory rampage to find his wife's body, which seemingly culminated in a strange phone call breaking through Rick's hallucinations, but has he completely lost it? Judging by the latest clip from next week's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode "Hounded," Rick seems to have gotten a lid on himself for the moment, however abrupt he remains.

Will the others be able to reach him, particularly his own son? Will the father-son pair even be able to look one another in the eye anymore after the tragic ordeal they've been through? Let's not forget about the prisoners, who seem to be full parts of the group now! And seriously, where's Carol?

Check out the latest clip from next week's episode, and give us your predictions for "Hounded" in the comments below!