Fans of the comic and new 'The Walking Dead' viewers alike are likely still reeling from the big deaths in last night's "Killer Within," and are in dire need of some good news. We may not be able to provide that, considering by the end of the hour, at least one survivor of 'The Walking Dead' was yet to be accounted for! That fact remains lost on us in a new clip from next Sunday's "Say the Word," but how many graves will we need when all is said and done?

Carol, Carol, wherefore art thou, Carol? Last night's 'The Walking Dead' episode "Killer Within" really hit us where we live, claiming both Lori and T-Dog, the former in a visceral childbirth scene and the later in a heroic, if ultimately futile death. One question not answered by the end of the night remains: what happened to Carol?

When last we saw our beloved Carol, she escaped through T-Dog's sacrifice, yet somehow seemed to leave her head scarf behind, enough that Daryl would mistake her for dead. Judging by the latest clip from next Sunday's episode, that presumption hasn't changed, as Glenn digs graves for the latest casualties of the group.

Will he end up needing all the graves? How's Rick coping with the death of his wife? Check out the all-new clip below, and give us your theories in the comments!