Okay, seriously?  We need to play this game, like...yesterday.  What? They released it yesterday for PSN and computer?  What are we waiting for?  Telltale Games' rendition of 'The Walking Dead' has its first chapter available for play now, but before we completely lose ourselves in gorgeously rendered zombie-killing action, what's one more trailer?

We've still more than five months until 'The Walking Dead' returns to AMC for Season 3, and while our insatiable zombie hunger may one day get the better of us, at least we have Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' video game to quell our blood-lust!  And to boot, Telltale has released the best trailer to date along with the launch, which focuses in on the storyline (of at least the first chapter), filling in a number of details on the protagonist Lee Everett.  Be warned, though, there might be one or two spoilers for the game, and  those familiar with 'The Walking Dead' comic books!

As we’ve mentioned before, the game follows escaped convict Lee Everett, an original character created specifically for the game’s story, weaving a parallel tale to the Robert Kirkman comic series, and utilizing designs based on Charlie Adlard’s art.  The game draws its inspiration more from of the Image Comics ‘Walking Dead’ than the AMC incarnation, but includes several familiar characters to fans of either medium, such as Glenn, Hershel, and eventually Rick Grimes himself.  Also along for the ride is young Clementine, an orphaned girl Lee encounters along the way and who behaves differently based on the actions taken by the player.

Check out the final trailer for Telltale Games' 'The Walking Dead,' download the game, and tell us all the gory details in the comments below!