This Sunday's latest episode of 'The Walking Dead' "When the Dead Come Knocking" looks to be the most exciting of the season to date, now that the prison and Woodbury stories have finally overlapped.  We've been wondering how the villainous Governor and his pal Merle might try to extract information from their new captives, but will AMC use some of the darker scenes from the comic books?  Judge for yourself in the latest promo from "When the Dead Come Knocking!"

As fans of 'The Walking Dead' comics know, a captive of The Governor is not a happy thing to be.  But for as dark and brutal as the AMC series tends to get, will it go as far as the books in this Sunday's "When the Dead Come Knocking?"  A new international promo for the episode certainly seems to suggest as much!

In the latest look at Sunday's all-new 'The Walking Dead,' we see The Governor threatening his captive Maggie Greene to relieve herself of her shirt, threatening to bring in her lover Glenn's hand if she doesn't!  We won't give it all away, but fans of 'The Walking Dead' books should well remember that both Rick and Michonne suffered some brutal tortures along the same lines.  Will AMC prove very bit as dark?

Checkout the new promo for "When the Dead Come Knocking" below, and check out what other new story-lines 'The Walking Dead' has to offer along the way!  Tell us what you most want to see from the lats two episodes of the year!