As the 'Thor 2' posters kick off domestically, so too is the international marketing campaign. A new banner for the film has debuted overseas featuring Chris Hemsworth as the returning god of thunder.

In the sequel to the Mjolnir-wielding Avenger's first adventure, 'Thor: 2,' titled 'The Dark World,' sees the ancient race of Dark Elves returning, after waiting centuries on the sidelines, to plunge the universe into darkness. Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Anthony Hopkins, Jaimie Alexander, Tom Hiddleston and more reprise their roles for this next battle against newcomers Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), leader of the Elves, and his right-hand man Algrim/Kurse (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje).

The new 'Thor 2' poster (found via IMP Awards) features a piece of key art that has been making the rounds online of Thor himself leaping out of the smokey debris, as Malekith's ominous ship lurks in the background. We'll see this battle take place on the silver screen when 'Thor 2' debuts November 8.

Click on the image below for a closer look.

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