If you've seen the original 'Thor 2' poster, you'll notice a nice-enough (if not slightly over-Photoshopped) design. Today, though, we present four spectacular new 'Thor 2' posters featuring Thor, Loki and other characters by famed artist Olly Moss. The only problem? You'll never have one.

Moss, who you probably know best via his work with Austin-based poster company Mondo, revealed the posters today along with some details on when and why they were created.

Earlier last year, I was invited by ['Thor 2' co-producer] Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige to make their wrap-gift for the cast and crew of 'Thor: The Dark World.' Here’s the thingie I did. Each principal cast member had their own character on their poster.

His payment? One of the actual Mjolnirs used in the film!

Seen below are posters for Thor, Loki, Heimdall and Malekith. Considering there were designs created for all principal cast members, there are also versions out there featuring Jane Foster, Odin and possibly the Warriors Three.

Sadly, because these prints were made specifically for the actors in the film, there are no plans to make these posters available to the public. We don't even have high resolution images, just what Moss posted online. Is it possible Moss, Marvel and Mondo could team up to release these special edition posters at Comic-Con 2013? We can only hope. But for now, this little glimpse is the best you'll get.