Guerrilla Games is taking the Killzone franchise to new heights this fall on the PlayStation 4. Thanks to a lengthy gameplay video, with added developer commentary, we get a better understanding of just what makes Killzone: Shadow Fall so special.

Even though Killzone has never really approached the recognition of Call of Duty or even Halo, it's still been a hallmark of the PlayStation brand, and delivers some of the best first-person shooter action on Sony's consoles. It's been a while since we've had a Killzone game, but that time off appears to have been well spent by Guerrilla Games, as Killzone: Shadow Fall looks absolutely insane.

Getting some insight into the game from the actual developers at Guerrilla also gives us a deeper appreciation for what's happening on screen. We probably would have been satisfied with the playthrough of the opening, but hearing the hows and whys directly from the team gives us an insider look at what Guerrilla was thinking when working on Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Check out the footage above, and let us know if you're excited by what Guerrilla has planned for this PlayStation 4 launch title.