New 'Walking Dead' Premiere Photos: Will Daryl Survive "The Suicide King"?


With 'The Walking Dead' making its long-awaited return on Sunday with premiere episode "The Suicide King," AMC has been releasing plenty of new photos and clips teasing what happens to our favorite survivors as the conflict with Woodbury and its sinister Governor (David Morrissey) rages on. Foremost among our concerns is the fate of Daryl Dixon, and to a lesser extent his brother Merle, but do the latest photos reveal his fate? Get a sneak peek of 'The Walking Dead's' return inside!

Daryl Dixon fans, there will be no need for rioting today. While 'The Walking Dead's' mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" left the fan-favorite crossbow-wielding redneck in a precarious position at the hands of the Woodbury arena, new photos from Sunday's premiere "The Suicide King" (courtesy of YahooTV) seem to reveal both Dixon brothers alive and well outside of the arena.

Of course, with Merle aiding in the survivors' second escape from Woodbury, it won't be long before Glenn, Maggie, Michonne or any of the other survivors look to do away with the violent redneck, but in what sort of position will that leave Daryl? Even though the Dixons escape the Woodbury arena, where will their reunion next take them?

Check out the latest photos from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 below, and give us your predictions for the back half of the season in the comments! Only a few more days until the premiere!

AMC / YahooTV
AMC / YahooTV
AMC / YahooTV
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