We all remember the night we turned 21. OK...we all remember how we don't remember the night we turned 21. And it's that alcohol-fueled blackout that is behind the upcoming comedy '21 & Over.' It's from the writers of 'The Hangover' and the new trailer is here.

Is it wrong that the best thing we can say about a movie is that it wasn't shot found footage style? Cause that's about all we can come up with for '21 & Over' a movie that should be right up our alley.

The fabled "21st birthday" should've been a concept ripe for a movie adaptation but here Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who wrote 'The Hangover,' made a movie that looks like it wants to be too much like 'The Hangover' but for college kids (wasn't 'The Hangover' already pretty much for college kids?) but looks more like a 'Project X' spinoff.

And we're not sure if it's a running gag but the way the characters repeatedly refer to the birthday boy as "Jeff Chang" was driving us crazy. See if you can keep count with the amount of times they say something like "I am super psyched to see Jeff Chang..."

'21 & Over' hits theaters next spring and you can watch the new trailer below.