The latest post on the Halo Bulletin shows 343 Industries subtly hinting at some new titles coming down the chute.

The post on the Halo Waypoint is a bit of a lengthy one and runs through some of the updates that Halo 4 will see on Sept. 30, as well as some words of thanks to the Halo 4 community. But what's more is that 343 Industries gives us the most subtle of hints that it's working on titles that aren't related to Halo.

"What is looming on the horizon for the studio is both exciting and daunting," community manager Jessica Shae wrote. "We’re working on projects that you know about (the TV show and Halo Xbox One) and others that you don’t (insert absolutely zero clues here). Our team has blossomed from a few dozen to a few hundred, and it continues to grow at a healthy pace as new people are hired to make sure every team has more than enough resources to do their job, and do it well."

Even with no clues about what 343 might be working on, it's still interesting to learn Microsoft has the studio delving into things beyond Halo. That wasn't the case for Bungie before it parted ways with Microsoft, and left the franchise in 343's hands. Whatever is in store, we'll be waiting.